Tissot 'PMG' 2018

Tissot 'PMG' 2018

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Stéphane Tissot’s site-specific wines have cemented his place among the Jura’s winemaking elite. From a patchwork of sub-alpine soils, Stéphane crafts some of the region’s purest and most distinct expressions of their local grapes and wine styles, and Shrine to the Vine is excited to offer our yearly allocation direct from the domaine.
Spending time in the vineyards with Stéphane is a masterclass in Jura terroir, exemplified in his Chardonnay wines: ‘Les Graviers’ – a racy, mineral wine grown on limestone; ‘Les Bruyères’ – a smoky ringer for Meursault grown on clay-marl; ‘Sursis’ – rich and savoury, from 0.6ha of old vines within Château-Chalon; and ‘Patchwork’ – a blend of clay and limestone parcels, offering ripe fruit and racy acidity.
Tissot’s superb Savagnin, made from the Jura’s famed white variety and aged under a veil of yeast, is marked by powerful notes of spicy citrus, sea air, and grilled nuts. It’s a delicious introduction to the unique character of the grape, something Stéphane takes further with his single-vineyard Vin Jaunes: intense, nutty Sherry-like ‘yellow wines’ made in only the best vintages. ‘En Spois’ is textural and expressive; Château-Chalon is fine and delicate; and ‘99 Mois d'Elevage' shows power and weight from extended ageing.
Growing local grapes Poulsard and Trousseau, the domaine’s reds combine exquisite perfume with lip-smacking deliciousness. Poulsard Vieilles Vignes, sourced from 90-year-old vines, offers depth of flavour beyond that usually expected from the variety. Ever the experimentalist, Stéphane uses clay vessels to ferment the smoky, herb-tinged Trousseau ‘En Amphore’, while the Trousseau ‘Singulier’, matured in oak barrels, offers inviting notes of dark, woodsy fruit. ‘DD’ – a silky blend of the region’s red varieties with Pinot Noir has become a Noble Rot favourite.
In addition to his celebrated white and red bottlings, Stéphane makes a rarely seen Vin de Paille – a labour intensive, decadently sweet wine made from grapes dried on straw mats. Stéphane’s even uses a drop of this Vin de Paille to kick-start the second fermentation in the sparkling ‘Indigène’ – a textural Crémant du Jura with a fine saline streak.
Winos love the Jura for its mouth-watering Burgundy-inspired whites and unorthodox reds, as well as its more esoteric offerings. Stéphane’s wines have never been better – or more in demand.

Wine Details

Type Sweet
Country France
Region Jura
Producer Tissot
Vintage 2018
Grape Varieties Poulsard, Savagnin
Farming Biodynamic
Bottle Size 50.0cl