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Tim Wildman Lost in a Field 'Frolic' Pet Nat Rosé 2021

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Tim Wildman, a Master of Wine behind the ridiculously popular Astro Bunny Australian pet nat range, is breathing new life into forgotten English and Welsh vineyards planted in the 1970s and 80s. Forget Champagne grapes, ‘Frolic’ Pet Nat Rosé is made from 21 ‘heritage’ grape varieties – mainly unfashionable German crosses and hybrids, such as Madeleine Angevine, Reichensteiner, and Schönburger – sourced from seven counties. The result is a frothy cocktail of ripe citrus and tropical fruit: juicy, gonzo fizz ideal for the summer.

Wine Details

Type Sparkling
Country England
Producer Tim Wildman
Vintage 2021
Main grapes Various
Size 75cl