Sylvain Dittière La Porte Saint Jean &

Sylvain Dittière La Porte Saint Jean 'Les Pouches' 2018

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At just 24, Sylvain Dittière established La Porte Saint Jean, a small project buying grapes from trusted Saumur growers. Ten years on, it has morphed into a fifteen-acre estate of his own vineyards and Dittière’s wines are spoken of in the same tones as those from Gauby, Thierry Germain, and Clos Rougeard – with all of whom he apprenticed. His wines are cut from similar cloth: organically farmed and naturally handled, they share an agreeable pureness of fruit and some nervy minerality. Wines to watch? Nah. These are wines to *drink* - and now, before they reach the dizzying prices of his forerunners. A little brooding in youth, Les Pouches shows appealing dark fruit and earthy tobacco nuances that will open gracefully in time in the bottle or with air in a decanter.