Müller-Ruprecht Riesling Trocken 2020

Müller-Ruprecht Riesling Trocken 2020

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Müller-Ruprecht is fast becoming one of the most talked about estates in the Pfalz. Founded in 1702, this family-run winery – now in its 10th generation – is based in the medieval village of Kallstadt. Its vineyards stretch some 20ha across Kallstadt and Ungstein and include the prized Saumagen parcels of Horn, Nill and Kirchenstück.

Husband-and-wife winemaking team Sabine Müller and Philipp Wöhrwag cut their teeth with some of the world’s finest Riesling producers, including Keller and Pichler. Indeed, it feels like Sabine and Philipp share a similar trajectory to Klaus-Peter Keller with their determined and convention-challenging approach.

Müller-Ruprecht produces leaner, more chiselled Rieslings in contrast to the typically rich and sumptuous style made in the Pfalz. Sabine and Philipp describe their wines as ‘long distance runners’ – bright and refreshing when young but gaining depth and weight with age. Powerful, lifted, and rippling with energy, their wines have been compared with the GGs of Rebholz or the Nahe Rieslings of Schäfer-Fröhlich.

Bright and mineral-driven, this is a fantastically fresh, value-beating Riesling Trocken.

Wine Details

Type White
Country Germany
Region Pfalz
Producer Müller-Ruprecht
Vintage 2020
Main grapes Riesling
Size 75cl