Fool #7 Politics - Aaron

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Fool #7 – The Political Issue

184 editorial ad-free pages. Hardcover. Thread-bound. Printed at Sweden's leading art printing house. Limited edition of 3,000 copies.

This issue includes:

Welcome to the food circus – PR, publicity and cooking by Lisa Abend 

Bo & Dylan: young, angry & making a change by Perm Paitayawat 

A brutal break up, then hope by Aaron Turner 

Fear of food by Joanna Blythman 

Oswaldo Oliva - a Mexpat breaks unwritten rules by Nicholas Gill

The American Perspective by Andrew Friedman 

Sobering thoughts - fighting gluttony by Marie-Claude Lortie

Why all this fuss about women? Ask the women by Lesley Chesterman 

Will Goldfarb – more than a dessert chef by Lotta Jörgensen

Save the oceans - steal them by Seth Macinko

Food facts, seeds, casu marzu, Polish milk, Venezuela and much more...