D'Arlay Vin Jaune 2014

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Established in the 11th century, Château d'Arlay is one of the most venerable estates in France and a beacon of historic winemaking in the Jura. Comprising an enviable collection of old, traditional Jura vines – Pinot Noir, Poulsard, Trousseau, Chardonnay, and Savagnin – these are among France’s oldest continuously-worked vineyards.

Alain de Laguiche, d’Arlay’s current owner and a descendant of its founding family, believes that the estate’s sheltered and south-facing slopes are the secret to its success. Indeed, this unique terroir – deep grey marl soils covered by chalk – is regarded as some of the region’s finest. A proponent of biodynamic farming and quality-focused vinification methods, Alain crafts a mesmerising array of wines unique to the Jura and, in some cases, even the estate.

In addition to its celebrated varietal bottlings of Chardonnay, Savagnin, and Pinot Noir, d’Arlay is known for its delicious, pink-hued ‘Corail’ – a blend of all the region’s varieties, red and white – as well as the labour intensive, lusciously sweet Vin de Paille made from dried grapes. However, the château’s jewel is undoubtedly its intense, nutty Vin Jaune – a Sherry-like ‘yellow wine’ made from Savagnin in only the best vintages and aged under a veil of yeast for 7 years.

After minimal fining and filtering, bottles are matured in the château’s impressive 17th century cellars until Alain chooses to release them – often significantly later than other producers. Such is their fruit concentration and structure that these wines are exceptionally long-lived, a subtle oxidative complexity emerging with age.

The Jura’s popularity among sommeliers has made it rare to see Château d’Arlay’s wines outside of restaurants (Noble Rot pour them at every opportunity) and close to impossible to find mature bottles for sale in the UK, so Shrine to the Vine is delighted to offer this eclectic, one-off parcel direct from the château’s cellar.

Nutty and expressive, hinting at bruised apple and curry leaf as it warms in the glass. Bone-dry. Enormously drinkable now, but will be even more enjoyable complex with another decade or two of age.

Wine Details

Type White
Country France
Region Jura
Producer D'Arlay
Vintage 2014
Main grapes Savagnin
Farming Biodynamic, Organic
Size 62cl

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