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André Perret Condrieu 'Chery' 2018

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Lying on steep, south-facing terraces, the vineyards of the Côteau de Chery are now among Condrieu's finest, having been restored to fame by Perret's assiduous work in the 1980s. A portion of his fruit also comes from vines planted by his father in the 40s. Positively dripping with ripe apricot and peach studded with ginger and salty iodine, this is testament to why Condrieu is the apotheosis of Viognier and why Perret is a master of the appellation. Recomended to decant.

Wine Details

Type White
Country France
Region Northern Rhone
Producer Andre Perret
Vintage 2018
Main grapes Viognier
Alcohol 15%
Size 75cl