Rotters' Island Wine Summer Case

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From Majorca, Corsica and Tenerife to Sardinia, Sicily and Santorini, if you aren’t able to visit your favourite holiday island this summer the next best thing is undoubtedly to drink one of their glorious wines in your garden / the park / around your posh friend’s gaff. Majoring on indigenous grapes rather than the imported ‘international’ varieties that grew popular in the 90s, Rotter’s Island Wine Summer Case is our selection of artisanal winemaking at its most soulful.

Case includes one each of the following 750ml bottles:

Vassaltis Barrel Aged Assyrtiko 2020 (Santorini)

Cancedda O'Connell ‘Buccia not Battles’ V1 (Sardinia)

Sergio Drago Catarratto 2021 (Sicily)

Sortevera Tinto 2019 (Tenerife)

Sant Armettu 'Rosumarinu' 2020 (Corsica)

4 Kilos '4 Kilos' 2019 (Majorca)

Contents subject to availability, substitution or vintage change.

Wine Details

Type Mixed Case
Producer Keeling Andrew