Rotters' Greatest Hits Case

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Greatest Hits is a selection of some of Shrine to the Vine's most popular bottles, from our much loved ‘Chin Chin’ Vinho Verde, to Müller-Ruprecht’s delicious dry Riesling, and Lyrarakis's Dafni grown on Crete. The case also includes Chavy-Chouet's stunning and value-driven Bourgogne Rouge, ‘Gran Cerdo' our dependable house red, and 'Tragolargo' from Vinessens - a youthful, fruit-driven and easy-drinking Mourvedre from Alicante.

Case includes one each of the following 750ml bottles:

Vinho Verde ‘Chin Chin’ 2021; Quinta do Ermizio (Vinho Verde, Portugal)

Dafni, Psarades, Lyrarakis 2020 (Crete, Greece)

Riesling Trocken 'Alfer Hölle', Stein 2020 (Mosel, Germany)

'La Taupe' Bourgogne Rouge 2020; Chavy-Chouet (Burgundy, France)

Vinessens, 'Tragolargo' 2020 (Alicante, Spain)

Tempranillo 'Gran Cerdo'; Gonzalo Gonzalo 2021 (Rioja, Spain)

Contents subject to availability, substitution or vintage change.

Wine Details

Type Mixed Case
Producer Keeling Andrew