England vs France Sparkling Case

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"We're in a new period for Champagne - before it was all about image, now it's all about wine," says the softly spoken and quick-to-smile Bertrand Gautherot of Vouette et Sorbée. A return to organic farming, indigenous yeasts, fully mature grapes, less chaptalisation, and lower dosage - especially among the grower movement - is resulting in wines that capture the taste of a place, not of a brand. But climate change and viticultural improvements have also helped English - and Welsh - sparkling wines come of age. What better way to witness the roots of our own growers' scene, as well as the Champagne renaissance, than with this mixed case.

Case includes one each of the following 750ml bottles:

Wiston Estate Blanc de Blancs 2015

Michel Gonet Champagne Extra Brut Grand Cru 'Le Mesnil' 2014

Hambledon Première Cuvée NV

Pierre Baillette Champagne Brut 'Le Village' NV

Ancre Hill Blanc de Noirs NV

Vouette & Sorbée Champagne Fidele NV

Contents subject to availability, substitution or vintage change.

Wine Details

Type Mixed Case
Producer Keeling Andrew