Domaine Rolet


      Rollover Californian Pinot, Australian Chardonnay, and the host of other predictable recommendations rolled out every year as a foil for turkey. The Jura has enjoyed a growing reputation as a region producing tiny quantities of wine reminiscent of high-quality Burgundy, and makes a fabulously evocative way to celebrate Jesus’ birthday. 

      This newfound popularity has made it close to impossible to find mature bottles, so when we were offered a small parcel of library releases from Domaine Roletone of the Jura’s leading organic producers, we didn’t hesitate. Founded by Désiré Rolet in 1942, this domaine has always made its wine quietly but meticulously, attracting a loyal following.

      Sourced direct from the winery’s cellar, these bottles  – from some of the best vintages in living memory – offer a rare glimpse of Poulsard at its peak.

      Bursting with vibrant red berries and layers of savoury complexity, they are perfectly suited to the festive tableespecially in magnumwe all know that big bottles taste better!